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This site was produced by Peter C. Taylor, Martin Dougiamas and Dorit Maor using funds from ARC Small Research Grants Scheme - 2000, and as such is Copyright © 2000 Curtin University of Technology. All rights are reserved.

Except for data and reports produced as part of your own surveys, material on this Web site may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without express written permission from the relevant copyright owners.

For permission or anything else, please email P.Taylor@curtin.edu.au

Please note that these same survey tools are also available within the open source learning platform Moodle.


The contents of this site do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of Curtin University of Technology or the Australian Research Council.

This site is under constant development. No guarantees are made as to quality of service or quality of information.

Use of Data for Research

All data collected by the site may be used by the owners of Surveylearning.com for the purposes of academic research.

In doing so, the owners will keep all information private and confidential. If results are published, then data will be presented in an anonymous form.


Lastly, our main motivation in setting up this service is to help teachers. We will continue to make SurveyLearning.com as useful to you as we possibly can.